Doctoral Seminar

The aim of this two day seminar was to give PhD students an overview of key economic and policy issues surrounding the
transition to low-carbon electricity in market-based systems and the economics of climate policy.

The seminar was given by Professor Richard Green from the Imperial College Business School in the United Kingdom.

Seminar day 1

Economics of Climate Policy

Lecture 1: What is at stake with the EU ETS?
The excess cost of limited where-flexibility
Lecture 2: Promotion of RES-E and climate policies
Effects of overlapping regulation: green serves the dirtiest
Lecture 3: Border carbon adjustment I
Carbon leakage and border carbon adjustment
Lecture 4: Border carbon adjustment II
Strategic carbon tariffs

Seminar day 2

Energy Transition & Power Markets

Lecture 1: Fundamentals of electricity
The key technical features of the industry
Wholesale market designs: “European” and “US”
Lecture 2: Renewable generation
Economics of variable renewables (wind and solar)
Policy measures to support renewable generators
Lecture 3: Transmission and storage
Understanding transmission constraints
The impacts of storage on the electricity market
Lecture 4: Emissions savings
Estimating past emissions savings from renewable generators
Modelling future savings

Conference proceedings

All conference proceedings such as presentations, papers and abstracts, can be found in the online conference proceedings database of the IAEE.