Technical Excursions

Accompanying the conference, we organised two technical excursions in the region of Groningen.

Technical excursion Loppersum

On Sunday 10 June we organised a bus tour to Loppersum via several gas extraction sites. The goal of the excursion was to attain a deeper understanding of the causes and consequences of earthquakes. In Loppersum, the most affected municipality, we had some pitches from the alderman of the municipality and researchers from the fields of geology, psychology, economics and spatial sciences and an interesting open discussion.

Specific for this excursion, a book on gas production and earthquakes in Groningen was published. In this book, researchers of the University of Groningen reflect on the economic and social consequences of both the gas production and the resulting earthquakes. Attention is paid to the historical role of the Groningen gas field in the European gas market, the importance of the gas revenues for the Dutch economy, the impact of the earthquakes on the regional housing market as well as the social and psychological impact of the earthquakes and how the public authorities dealt with the concerns of the inhabitants of Groningen. You can download the book here.

Technical excursion Seaports & Eemshaven

On Thursday 14 June, delegates of the conference had the opportunity to visit Eemshaven region, the energy port of Northwest Europe. Groningen Seaports is the port authority and commercial operator of the port of Delfzijl, Eemshaven and the adjoining industrial sites.

Conference proceedings

All conference proceedings such as presentations, papers and abstracts, can be found in the online conference proceedings database of the IAEE.